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By: Lisa Parry Becker October 26, 2011

I want to share a secret with you. Actually, you may already know the “secret” and agree with me: We live in an absolutely beautiful part of the country in Bucks County.  I am reminded of this every time I travel.

In addition to running our family-owned independent insurance agency with my dad and brother, I travel around the country working with other insurance agents, carriers and technology vendors to advance insurance automation for independent agents.

Efficient technology lets us serve our clients in the best way possible. As an independent agency, we provide our clients with choices for their insurance carriers and coverages.  Because we work—and interact electronically—with a number of insurance companies, the ability to offer choices requires a strong understanding of technology.  With proper automation in place, we can spend more time advising our clients and less time on our carrier’s systems.  As an aside, I have resolved plenty of situations for my clients from the road thanks to the technology we have put in place.

Looking south at the mid-point between Lambertville and New Hope

The Real Secret
As much as I enjoy traveling and working with my industry friends on big issues that impact independent insurance agents, I am always happy to return home to my family, clients and friends.  Beyond living in a beautiful part of the country, the real secret I wanted to share is about one of my favorite local places: the mid-point on the bridge that connects New Hope to Lambertville.  (For history and bridge buffs, the current steel truss bridge dates to 1904.  The original wooden bridge was constructed in 1814 and later destroyed by flood.  I’ll share more on local floods in an upcoming blog post.)

The best time to experience the bridge is during an early morning walk—before the towns start bustling with activity for the day.  Every morning, the view is different: basking or swimming turtles, fish eluding fishermen, solo rowers, crew teams, mist on the river, and the list goes on.  The best view from the mid-point on the bridge is looking south and catching a glimpse of Bowman’s Tower through the morning fog.

After spending a little time observing what’s happening on the river, the next best thing is to window shop antiques in Lambertville and stroll past the stores in New Hope.  If you are a book lover, as I am, then you need some contemplative moments in front of Farley’s book store.  They are independent, just like we are.  Their reading lists and staff picks are wonderful.

After you take in all that Lambertville and New Hope have to offer, make your shopping list and come back with your wallet.  Once you find and purchase that must have item, call us at the agency.  I’m confident we can obtain an insurance rider for your new treasure!




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