Cell Phones Enhance Claim Reporting

By: Lisa Parry Becker July 24, 2012

Years ago, my brother and business partner, Ryan Parry, had a vision of insurance claims being reported to us from the scene of an accident.  Last week, our client was involved in a minor fender bender.  At the scene of the accident, she used her iPhone and captured the other driver’s insurance auto identification card and driver’s license number.  She took an iPhone photo of the damage to her vehicle.  These photos were subsequently emailed to me after we spoke about the incident.  With these photos, I was able to assess her damage and get in contact with the driver of the other vehicle.  We opened an auto insurance claim with the insurance company and the insurance process is underway.  When the adjuster was assigned, we were able to email him these details and give him a head start on the adjusting process.  By far, this was the most extensive technological reporting of a claim I have had to date.

Other cell phone claim reporting photos worth sharing include the following:

Our client was involved in a hit run in a parking lot.  As the driver of the other vehicle was driving away, they were able to capture a photo of the other party’s license plate.  With the license plate number, they were able to track down the party that was responsible for backing into their vehicle.

Another client was sideswiped by a commercial truck in New York City.  Our client’s car was drivable, so he followed the truck, photographed it, and then reported the accident and damage to the police department.

During the ice storms last October before Halloween, our client captured damages to her home caused by fallen trees.  She emailed these photos to us so we could understand the extent of the damages and advise her how to proceed with her claim.

We had many claims during Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee in 2011.  After speaking with our clients about their damages, we had them text and email photos of their property damages so we could assist them with their claims during a time of natural disaster.

When camera phones first appeared on the market, I wondered what the benefit of the camera feature was.  Now, I can’t imagine conducting my personal and business life without it.  We have really come a long way with this technology.

What have you captured with your cell phone camera that is worth sharing?



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