“We were very concerned about identity theft after attending several seminars and hearing about e-risk exposures. Parry worked with us to find coverage and when a corporate identity theft package became available that could become part of our bank insurance program, the Parry people brought it to our attention. This approach saved us quite a bit of money, although I’m sure the agency could have made more in commission by selling us a stand-alone policy. But they’ve always put the bank’s interests first. It is because of that relationship that I switched my personal insurance to them.”

Milissa LenahanVP-Operations & Security Director at First National Bank

“Ryan Parry handles all of my personal and business property and casualty insurance needs, and does so in an efficient, cost effective, and professional manner. His work is impeccable, and his advice is always incisive and on point. Ryan and his agency have always worked diligently to ensure that all necessary coverages are in place, and are cost effective. Compared with other insurance agencies that I have encountered through the years, I can say without reservation that William B. Parry and Son and Ryan Parry are absolutely top notch.”

Steven E. WolfeAttorney at Law at Steven E. Wolfe, Attorney and Counselor at Law

“They helped me grow in my position. When I came to this position in 2002, I needed to learn the insurance program that had been established. The people at Parry & Son sat down with me and talked me through our insurance coverages—property, casualty and bonds. Insurance gets complicated and expensive. But they were there for me every step of the way and I never got the sense that they were there just to make a commission.”

Milissa LenahanVP-Operations & Security Director at First National Bank

“Love these guys. They’ve been my insurance agents since I was a kid with my first car. Really helpful. Always there to answer questions or concerns. Very responsive to emails as well if you’re unable to call.”

Curtis McKairnesPersonal Lines Client

“Yesterday I purchased a new car and I had a few questions for Ryan before the scheduled delivery and he was extremely helpful. I called again when the transaction took place to give him the details about the car. A new insurance card was delivered today! I didn’t even think the post office could work that quick! We have used the Parry Agency for several years now and we are DELIGHTED with their service and products.”

Denise RamirezOwner at Newtown Floral Company